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Our specialisation

Things to know about us , when we start a new service activity we make sure that our specialization try the best to provide a high quality in problems solving , as example in the security surveillance field we’ve a fully experienced team from the project managers to the technicians and engineers dealing with the problems from many scopes and different skills to provide a high-end service;

More About Us

High Quality Services
BESS provides End-to-End Services that drive value and mitigate risk through technology solutions and professional services.
After-Sales Support
BESS provide full in-place \ online support via chat , phone , remote control , and video support ..  to Keeps you in touch after-sales.
Outstanding Engineers
BESS provides engineering excellence, world class service, and security experts trained carefully to premier regional, national and global organizations.
high-Care Organizing
BESS has organized every employee in the company around the client. From account executives to project managers to engineers.

Products and services

BESS has a wide range of technical services and smart solutions in the field of security surveillance and information technology, and these solutions vary according to the market needs to fit its environment and its own circumstances.

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Surveillance Solutions

We Provide a Professional surveillance systems that covers every angle of your needs, from storage , control, safety and privacy.

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Networks Solutions

BESS Provide IT solutions and support services to your busniess with design, sell, install and support complete networks solutions.

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Access Control Solutions

Get full control and visibility over where and when your staff, visitors and vehicles can move around your site with an access control solution.

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Tracking Solutions

GPS tracking gives you all the detailed information & control you need to manage down the cost of your fleet operations while enhancing customer service.

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Under Vehicle Inspection‎ (UVSS)

will give you peace of mind with automatic and highly effective systems that take a lot of the burden off security personnel by making the search process efficient, thorough and easy.

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Time Attendance Solutions

Biometric time and attendance systems are getting adopted in order to improve workforce productivity, efficiency and labor management.

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Road Blockers

Road Blockers are used where high perimeter security is required. The units are designed to restrict heavy duty commercial vehicles in secure areas.

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