Aden Mall is one of the most important marketing centers in the city of Aden and The biggest in Yemen, where it is located in a distinctive area overlooking the sea that faces Sira Castle on the one hand and the entrance to the historical city Crater in the other hand ,
The mall has a large area, a back garden and a variety of markets, divided and coordinated in a distinctive way. It also has many restaurants and entertainment games.
It became the most popular place where families and young people in the city heading to for shopping and entertainment . Balfakih Security Solutions has been requested to develop, upgrade and expand the former cctv system that were provided by the German company Bosch .
We have developed an upgrade plan and blue prints for new systems that keep up with the latest technology to get the best possible result from the new system.
Due to the nature of the location, The very high humidity, wind and water coming from the sea besides the wide area that made a security threats. thus formed a critical challenge for us to work .. specially when full coverage and high quality picture are required with real-time video streaming .
On this bases our technical team has built a strong infrastructure that can accommodate the vast amount of data in the network that is scalable, secure , and reliable within months of work, effort and continuous work that finally blossomed! And achieved the desired success despite all circumstances !
The system earned the approval and admiration and praised greatly by the administration and the organizers of the mall and HSA GROUP.
leaving behind so much pride and better world!
System components are as follows:
– A huge amount of Dahua pro series QHD cameras have been with elegant and distinctive brackets .
– Video wall solution .
– Face recognition .
– Thermal cameras
– Intelligent alarm systems .
– DSS Pro.
– The system is equipped not only for security surveillance but for business intelligence support
– A professional operating room
This project is the first and largest of its kind in Yemen in terms of equipment, capabilities and techniques . And it is the most prominent projects for Balfakih Security Soltuins and Dahua Technology in Yemen.

We thank all those who contributed to the success of the project from the staff and management of the mall and its sponsors to accept the different ideas and proposals.
We thank Dahua Technology for the outstanding products and continuous technical support.