The GPS vehicle tracking and historical reporting solutions offered by Balfakih Security Solutions allow you to be a silent passenger in all your vehicles, ensuring your clients the highest level of service. Our vehicle tracking systems can have a remarkable impact on your business. Efficient monitoring of your cars, trucks and other vehicles from the location to the fuel to the temperature to many more. will keep you informed as to your fleet’s whereabouts, giving you the insight you need to enhance your competitive edge.

Strictly Controlled

Our tracking solutions provide a very Intelligent and accurate system with our solution you will be able to Confine your vehicle on city or town or even street.

Live Time Monitoring \ Controlling – Rest your mind

No need anymore to worry about your family and your childerns, our solutions provide full live time monitoring & history reporting sec by sec. using your web-browser or your cell-phone you’ll be able to handle your vehicle anywhere around the world. whether you want to turn off the car or turn it on again, talking or even take surveillance records !  and many more..

The solution is useful for :-
– Transport Companies
– Police & Government Facilities
– Private Companies
– Common People

– Their Safety is your responsibility –