Alarm system means any mechanism, equipment or device which is designed to detect an unauthorized entry into any building or onto any property, or to direct attention to a robbery, burglary, or other emergency in progress and to signal such occurrences by a local or audible alarm or by a silent or remote alarm.

The alarm system plays a very important role in any security system, as it uses security sensors to provide immediate alert, which enables you to deal with the problem in time, whether to prevent it or reduce its harm as much as possible.

Using the technology available today, we can now connect the security system to the cloud, allowing for increased alerting methods, central management, and easy and quick access to the system.

Every smart security system require to be:-

  • Relilabe.
  • Secure.
  • Accurate.
  • Immediate.

Ajax Systems is the largest security systems manufacturer in Europe, developing hardware and software. Ajax protects over 2,500,000 users in 169 countries with over 70 wired and wireless devices. The system includes indoor and outdoor intrusion, fire and leaks detectors with a wide range of smart home devices for air quality and automation.

In a wide-range of alarm products, we can serve your needs with in multiple locations all to be controlled anywhere with only a one-click from your phone.