Al-omgy bros money exchange is one of the most popular companies in the Republic of Yemen and one of the most brilliant companies in its treatment and services.
It played essential role to mitigate the suffering and crises caused by the war in Yemen by working on the delivery of government salaries and the foreign remittances through its hundred of branches around the Republic of Yemen, and thus came the severe need for security surveillance system through stable and upscale products that meets the security requirements and to identify the currency,From here we provided all the branches by hundreds of cameras and dozens of recorders from Dahua Technology Inc., which provided them with a means of protection and safety! it was important to gain the confidence of their customers more!
Purchasing order was made after several violent experiences within a difficult environment and realistic senarios to the suggested products by Technical Committee of the company, building on our reputation and our experience in this field as well as continued technical support .. they made the choice with confidence for all the centers and branches of Al-Omgy!