National Bank of Yemen was established in 1969. It is reckoned to be one of the largest Commercial Banks and a prominent contributor in the economical and social development in Yemen. The Bank is fully state owned under the supervision of the Minister of Finance. National Bank of Yemen possesses longstanding banking experience to render all kind of banking services locally and globally throughout the Republic through 27 branches and a noteworthy range of extremely valued correspondents all over the world.

As part of the security measures that comitted by the Bank in all its branches in the Republic of Yemen is establishing a security surveillance, the technical management of the bank made assessing with the requirements and setting to achieve the desired objectives in securing the buildings and facilities of the bank , they were in need for a company with long experience in this area and can achieve all their requirements for the bank!
We were selected after evaluating several competitors to do the job! In this regard, we have nominated dozens of cameras and recorders in various forms and models that offered by Dahua Technology to serve the purpose requirements in such efficient manner during the completion of the work!
Our engineering team was keen to replace old cameras with high resolution cameras using the previous infrastructure, and also expanding the old infrastructure to higher level to servethe new system.
The project was supervised and evaluated by the technical committee assigned by the bank .. The work has won the trust and confidence of the client, which strengthens our reputation more in the market and provides opportunities for more future work!

Special thanks to the Bank’s technical team for accepting the various ideas presented by us.
Special thanks to the engineering team and project manager at Balfakih for Electronics and Security Solutions.
Special thanks to Dahua for outstanding products and continuous technical support.