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When We’re Talking about Surveillance Solutions , we talk about high repetition and wide years of excellence and experience in this field ,

which makes us prepared to fill whatever client needs as long as it is possible .

here in balfakih for electronics & security solutions our main focused activity was surveillance applications and solutions ..

we worked in different areas and complex environments so that our technicians and experts from various skills

can solve the problems and introduce the solutions in very efficient way

it’s not only about selling products , more over it’s an excellence & trusted service .

our project in this field can categorised as :-

  • Military \ Government Facilities
  • Private Businesses
  • Banks & Money Exchangers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Health Care \ Sport Clubs
  • Private residential buildings

Key Features

High Quality Services

BESS provides End-to-End Services that drive value and mitigate risk through technology solutions and professional services.

After-Sales Support

BESS provide full in-place \ online support via chat , phone , remote control , and video support ..  to Keeps you in touch after-sales.

Outstanding Engineers

BESS provides engineering excellence, world class service, and security experts trained carefully to premier regional, national and global organizations.

high-Care Organizing

BESS has organized every employee in the company around the client. From account executives to project managers to engineers.

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Our Services Include
  • Training Your Technicians to be prepared to use the system.
  • Provide a user guide references.
  • Preparing a professional surveillance room (optional).
  • full after-sales support.
  • and many other!!