The airport was established on the former RAF Khormaksar, which opened in 1917 and closed as an RAF station in 1967. It later served as a Soviet Air Force station during the 1970s and 1980s. From 1971 until 1996 it was also the main hub of Alyemda Yemen Democratic Airlines. It is the second-largest airport in Yemen after Sana’a International Airport. The new terminal was built between 1983 and 1985, with a capacity of one million passengers a year. In 2000 the constructions at the new control tower and airport department building were completed.

In the context of the conflict and the civil and sectarian war in Yemen in March 2015, the airport was subjected to several attacks and damages caused to stop work altogether. After the war was ended in Aden, the Arab Alliance – Thankfuly – has well resurrected and rehabilitated to return it to work . Within the international requirements for receiving flights. The security and surveillance cameras are an integral part of any security system in any airport. After the liberation of the city during the period of the rehabilitation of the airport we undertook a study of the status of the airport and its security needs and drawing up a plan for the proposed system. As for the special technical committee in the rehabilitation of the airport they made many tenders, including a tender for security surveillance cameras .. For our part, we put our special offer based on the products of Dahua Technology and HP within the budget and technical specifications of the project.


Our engineering team coordinated with the technical team of the project at Aden International Airport in the process of extension of the fiber optic cables in safe paths and at different distribution points and assemblies at the airport and from there to the proposed camera sites – taking a great care to do the work in all possible technical ways to maintain the infrastructure for as long as possible – .

A number of different ULTRA cameras , FishEye and PTZ cameras have been installed that were provided by DahuaTechnology to enhance the smart capabilities of the cameras for the sensitivity of the site, We installed primary and backup recording devices from the SUPER category for a long storage period and smooth performance.

Workstations provided by HP were used with SmartPSS VMS system .
– It has been upgraded later to DSS Express .

Video Wall solution have been used to facilitate monitoring and better detection of threats.

The project is one of the most important projects that took place in the city due to the importance of the airport in that period for relief and humanitarian assistance through the air and to facilitate the return of displaced persons and citizens to their homes.

In the end, the regime gained admiration and praise, as its preachers emphasized its superiority over the pre-war regime in the ease of use and also better control and clear image .

We thank both the technical and administrative staff at Aden International Airport.

We thank the Arab Coalition for helping to bring life back to Aden.

We thank Dahua Technology for its outstanding product and continuous technical support!

Another success for Balfakih Security Solutions .. yet It’s another success for our beloved city!