Project Keys :-

Client: KSA Consulate

Location: Yemen \ Aden

Mission: Upgrade & Expand the old system to Secure the Whole Consulate Building.

New System :-

Brands : Axis,ArecontVision,exacqVision,Dell

Resolution : Full HD

Type : IP

Storage : Dell Servers

Old System :-

Brand : Pelco

Resolution : D1

Type : Analog

The Saudi Consulate Building in Aden was considered as one of the most important government installations,it was very sensitive place among the surrounding area at the time , the building was contains several ways to protect the building , and one of them was Security cameras.

A Pelco analog cameras was installed at that time, the system was old and not suitable for provision of pure image quality which is considered one of the most important security requirements in these days .

When we were chosen for the work of expansion and development of the system,our plan included the following :

First, our goal was to provide secured, stable , and integrated surveillance system .

On this basis, we started the work, so all the old analog-cameras has been replaced with new IP Cameras with different lenses and different forms and from different international brands to perform the desired purpose.

at the beginning we did a comprehensive study to integrate our new security system with their existing IT Infrastructure, and ensure the security of the system to guarantee not to leave any loophole enables anyone from unauthorized access.

We have provided the necessary equipment from several companies & ensured that the selected camera is to perform the desired purpose has already been tried, although different from the rest of the brand cameras, For example,

we noticed the customer’s need for the PTZ & Zoom cameras so we chosed “Axis” brand to perform this purpose, and we upgraded the old system using cameras from ArecontVision brand and thus were enough to cover every angle that represent a risk , or expected risk area .

this way the whole building was locked & secured. Second, while we were in the project analysis and the creation of the action plan activities, we faced some challenges such as the presence of more than one brand in the same system and it is difficult to manage and process a control system centrally from the same place.

This requires a control system based work and integrate them to make all the processes From one system, thanks to exacqVision, we used their VMS through, which makes us able to meet this challenge and resolve the problem in such efficient way,also another challenge was to hide and protect all extensions from any danger or access physicist may be suffered by the system,

one of the security measures we established their is by doing constructions work in inside the building to ensure the efficiency of the work being presented , and this was one of the main reasons lead us earn their trust , satisfaction,and good impression, which gives us a better opportunity for new jobs in the same field and other technical areas in the future.

Special thanks to all those in charge of the consulate for the good dealings and acceptance of different ideas and cases during the implementation of the project.

We also thank both ArecontVision and exacqVision for their continued support and service excellence.

Finally, we thank all of those in charge of the project team and technicians who spent maximum effort to ensure the completion of the project in a short time and with high efficiency.

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